Ethics Education Transformed

Our recent survey finds that ethics educators don’t want to prioritize one set of ethical norms over another. But by avoiding the issue, their learners may be left unable to apply desired critical thinking skills.

The EthicsGame Executive Summary of the 2016 survey of ethics educators presents this key finding as well as other insights. Check out our white paper, The State of Ethics Education, for a deeper look at ethics education in our universities.

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Online Ethics Curriculum Tools

EthicsGame is the leading provider of online ethics education with over 250 colleges and universities using EthicsGame worldwide. Our virtual format is immersive, iterative and designed to meet learning and assessment goals across the campus.

Since 2005, EthicsGame has been creating online tools for professors and facilitators to easily integrate into their current courses and programs. EthicsGame has been used by over 1500 professors in courses throughout the campus with dedicated online products for business, nursing, education, health care and campus life. The tools are designed for the vocational, undergraduate and graduate levels. With all of this experience we continue to create new products to specifically address the forever changing landscape of ethics on your campus and in the world.

Our products can be customized and used as individual components to address any ethical education needs in your syllabus, or used comprehensively to create an entire ethics program in your curriculum.

EthicsGame online learning tools teach ethical awareness, critical thinking and ethical decision making. Students who go through EthicsGame programs gain a common language and understanding of ethics.

Through our foundational product, the Ethical Lens Inventory™, students gain an awareness of their ethical preferences. EthicsGame experiential case studies are designed to meet the student where they are and help them to develop an understanding of all ethical approaches.

Students in classroom

While meeting assessment requirements for ethics and critical thinking, students learn a repeatable decision model to guide their everyday lives.

Our Ethics Exercises™ introduce and reinforce both compliance and ethical concepts through rapid-fire, multiple choice questions.

The Hot Topics Simulations™ are short and engaging virtual simulations that challenge students to make decisions from multiple ethical perspectives.

Our Core Values™ product is a team based, writing intensive simulation series used in Business Courses such as Business Law, Strategic Management and Business Ethics. Students are given executive positions within a company and work on-line together and separately facing typical workplace ethical challenges.

All of our offerings and pricing are customized to fit into any existing program or curriculum.

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EthicsGame™ throughout the curriculum and across the campus

Find out how you can incorporate ethics and critical thinking into your curriculum. EthicsGame products can be used in Business, Health Care, Education, Nursing and Campus Life.