Identify Your Learning Goals

EthicsGame will help you bring ethics education to life. Your learners will engage with intriguing problems and emerge as critical thinkers by:

  1. Identifying and exploring their own ethical perspective;
  2. Practicing a repeatable decision model to arrive at nuanced answers; and
  3. Discovering how to move from individual challenges to the complexities of leadership while maintaining their integrity.

Design Your Learning Experience

Whether you’re looking for an individual ethics assignment, building a syllabus for an ethics class, or designing a corporate ethics training, an EthicsGame specialist will help you identify which products will best meet your needs.

Hone Your Skills

EthicsGame provides you with the tools to engage learners in a robust conversation, no matter your level of ethical expertise.

Engage Your Learners

Our ethics simulations draw on practical, real-world problems from a variety of disciplines instead of drowning learners in theory and abstraction.

Deepen Your Learners’ Understanding

Our interactive ethics case studies and reflection questions enhance discussion to develop effective communication skills and support civility.

Assess Your Impact

We provide a wealth of tools so you know exactly how your learners are doing and where they need help.

Frequently Asked Questions

We develop ethical agility by teaching a method for asking questions and finding answers through interactive, web-based ethics learning tools. We move ethical conversations from an individual view to a systemic approach by providing a common language for discussing ethical issues.

Contact a team member at to identify the products that will meet the objectives and cover the topics of your syllabus. once you have submitted an order, our team will work to make sure you have an excellent experience.

Participants can complete an EthicsGame exercise before the workshop/seminar or during the session if an internet connection is available. In addition, we provide resource materials for you to debrief the participants’ results, engage learners in a decision-making process, as well as other activities.

Each component of our ethics curriculum is designed for every form of delivery from online to face-to-face instruction. The assignments are completed online. We provide discussion questions that can be used in a chat room setting or in a classroom conversation.

We offer products at several levels of complexity to help you create a scaffolded experience:
The Ethical Lens Inventory focuses on ethical awareness and introduces ethical plurality. (15-30 minutes to complete)
Ethics Exercises connect ethics with compliance by teaching how to effectively use the ethical lenses for self-management and coaching others. (15-20 minutes per exercise)
Hot Topics Simulation introduce ethical decision making at three different levels of complexity. (1.5 - 2 hours for two dilemmas)
The Core Values Team Simulation is writing intensive and team based, with a minimum of five assignments. This simulation is designed for capstone or graduate ethics courses. (Requires up to three hours per assignment)

Students can purchase access to our products through our website using a credit card or through your bookstore. If the products are paid for by your department, we’ll invoice you at an appropriate time.

We provide a comprehensive Resource Center with additional exercises, teaching notes, and discussion guides. We offer individual or group training webinars as requested. We also do on-site workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking for ethics conferences.
Each online ethics simulation measures student success in meeting learning outcomes. We provide robust data to support your assessment needs.
Under the leadership of Dr. Catharyn Baird, EthicsGame’s founder and CEO, EthicsGame's product development team partners with subject matter experts in a variety of fields to write all of our learning tools.
EthicsGame™ throughout the curriculum and across the campus

Find out how you can incorporate ethics and critical thinking into your curriculum. EthicsGame products can be used in Business, Health Care, Education, Nursing and Campus Life.