Do you ever wonder why others make unethical decisions? Do you want to learn how to live into your ethical values more effectively and grow in ethical maturity? Explore these topics and more as you develop your understanding of ethical maturity through classes, training, and books.

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EthicsGame is pleased to be an HRCI Approved Provider for continuing education credits.

Our offerings are listed below. We know you’ll find them engaging and thought-provoking.

HRCI 605840 - The Ethical Lens Inventory

Everyone will tell you they are ethical, but when asked to define what “being ethical” means, they’ll have a different definition of how they move their values into behaviors. What’s yours? And how do you begin to understand someone else when their fundamental values are entirely unfamiliar? The Ethical Lens Inventory provides the foundation for answering these questions.

The Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI) is an ethical typology that helps people identify their preferred ethical perspective, or lens. With the knowledge gained from the ELI, you can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own lens and develop strategies for working and communicating more effectively with others to resolve conflict.

In this course, you will use the ELI to identify your core value priorities, then articulate those values in a personal statement. Engage with the strengths and weaknesses of your unique perspective and build a deeper understanding of your ethical self!

CEU Credits: 1.25
Credit Type: HR(General)
Cost: $45.00

HRCI 605843 – The Case of the Illuminating Interview

“What work environment do you prefer?” “How do you handle stress?” “What is your biggest weakness?” Many of the standard job interview questions are, ultimately, questions about your ethical values. Understanding these values can help you interpret the answers of others—or tell an interviewer what they’re hoping to hear.

This Ethics Exercise, which builds on the Ethical Lens Inventory, shows you how to identify the ethical lenses in others and apply the theory to your professional life. As an HR professional, being able to identify candidates who will fit within your organization is critical. Listening for a candidate’s ethical perspective and then building your interview questions on that awareness will give you more insight into the values and ethics of a candidate. This course will help you develop those skills, which will serve you throughout your entire career.

CEU Credits: 0.5
Credit Type: HR(General)
Cost: $27.00

HRCI 605845 – HR Hurdles

From recruiting to onboarding to development—all the way to an employee’s last day on the job—HR Hurdles covers ethical dilemmas arising through the entire range of the complex activities of an HR professional. Using rapid-fire scenarios to teach critical evaluation skills and awareness while giving you a pathway for moving values into action, this six-part course examines issues that arise in every step of the employee life cycle and teaches strategies for dealing with the pressure.

Rather than just teaching the right thing to do according to a set of policies, HR Hurdles examines and explains the reasons behind those ideal solutions. You can then infuse those values into your strategic thinking—making future decisions easier. In addition, by teaching you how to recognize and speak to the ethical values of others, HR Hurdles will help you hone your leadership and communication skills.

CEU Credits: 2.5
Credit Type: HR(General)
Cost: $65.00