Welcome to EthicsGame!

In order to register for your game, you need a Class Code. This identifies the specific game you’ll be playing.

If you don't know your Class Code, speak with the facilitator of your course, or contact our Support Team with your course information.

A valid 6-digit Class Code is required to register.

A Class Code is a six-digit combination of letters and numbers that identifies your course.

If you do not have a Class Code, it is likely for one of the following reasons:
  • Your course may be using a direct link in lieu of our registration and login system. If you are with the University of Phoenix, this link can be found on your course page on the U of P website, and no Class Code is required for access.
  • Your EthicsGame assignment may not have started. Class Codes are distributed by instructors, so be sure to check with your professor to see if your Class Code is available.

If you have a Class Code but it is invalid or for an earlier semester’s assignment, contact us at gamemaster@ethicsgame.com with your university name, the Class Code you’re attempting to use, and your course number or instructor’s name. We’ll send you a working code or explain the cause of the issue.